73 Challenger
I received a call at my shop, Plum Crazy Auto in Passaic, asking if I wanted to be in a car competition. I almost hung up - thought it was a prank call or a solicitor. The guy finally told me he was from SPEED TV channel on a show called CAR WARRIORS. A lot of car people dream about being on that show, to work with the BEST and MOST EXPENSIVE Engines, Transmissions, Paint and Wheels since most of us could not afford that! Usually people make an audition tape and send it to casting, but never get picked. But they just called my shop out of the blue. I never sent in an auditon tape. How great that we're known all the way in California!
I was told to get 5 other guys to be part of my Team. There are a lot of great car builders in the area and I have a lot of good friends, so this would be a very difficult decision to make. I needed a Custom Painter, Fabricator, Interior guy who could sew, and Artist for pinstripe and lettering. Most importantly, I needed people who could be away from home for a week and fly out to California. I picked the Best of the Best!! I couldn't have asked for a better team!
We interviewed with their casting crew thru Skype and YouTube. Production reviewed this and picked us to be on the show. I got the call within a week. TEAM PLUM CrAzY AUTO would be on the show!! ("Plum CrAzY" is a purple paint color from the 70's used on MOPARS - Dodge, Plymouth.
Once we arrived on the set in California, we finally met the other team who we were competing against (from the West Coast --Washington) and we learned what kind of car we would build (this was all top secret). This all happened about 10 minutes before we started the competition. We had 48 hours straight to build the best car we could with all the great equipment they provided. The show will add either Brad Fanshaw, TV personality and car builder, or Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustomz as a member of our team. We met Jimmy Shine of SO-CAL Speed Shop who was the Judge of the build-off. The teams needed to have a COMPLETE car within the 48 hours. Jimmy also takes the cars out on the track to drag race and run in an obstacle course. After comparing both cars, he makes his FINAL decision. Whoever wins gets to keep their car.

from left to right - front row
"Blimp" DAVE YUPPA (pin striping/ lettering/ airbrush) - Passaic NJ
"Crazy JACK" STRULLER (Team Leader) - Frankford and Passaic NJ
TOMMY KUKA (custom interiors) - Vernon NJ
2nd row - standing
"BeBop" FRANK BEDACHT (fabricator/ welder/ mechanic) - Franklin NJ
"Trigger" RENE VEGA (electric/ stereo expert) - Paterson NJ
"Big JOHN" PALAZZOLO (body/ paint/ mechanic/ builder) - Frankford NJ
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